Brave conquering of Central Europe

Brave conquering of Central Europe

TeleGroup has recognized the potential and opportunities for the expansion of our business to the Central Europe, primarily Germany, as the expanding market in the domain of telecommunications infrastructure. Predictions were good and today TeleGroup, thanks to expertise, long years, numerous completed infrastructure projects, and an irreplaceable team, has the opportunity to cooperate with Deutsche Telekom, one of the world’s leading telecom operators.

About the current projects and plans in Germany, we are talking to our colleague Ivana Kojadinović Zižić, Communications and Government Relations Director in TeleGroup Germany GmbH.

Our team has signed a contract with Deutsche Telekom and started a series of pilot projects in the field of telecommunications infrastructure. How did this cooperation start?

We are aware of the fact that Deutsche Telekom is a business giant that will invest even more intensively in the next ten years in the development of fiber optic network in Germany. The accelerated development dynamics has opened the possibility for us, as a proven company in the field of telecommunications infrastructure, that we can compete as a partner with our expertise and experience. After demanding negotiations and fulfillment of all criteria, in the area of Schleswig and Holstein in the capital Kiel, we received all the praise, the highest marks and earned the respect and trust of Deutsche Telekom executives and colleagues from the field, and on top of that, also received an invitation for further cooperation on maintenance of copper and the construction of optical infrastructure.

A pilot project in Lower Saxony is also underway where we are also achieving success and looking forward to the following steps.

Our many years of experience in working with Siemens, then infrastructure projects in the municipality of Neumünster, and now the trust in us from Deutsche Telekom, I can say that the TeleGroup team is ready for new challenges and participation in the development of this promising market.

What criteria did TeleGroup have to meet in order to sign a contract with one of the leading telecommunications companies such as Deutsche Telekom?

I have to point out that in addition to knowledge and expertise, the values ​​that the company nurses and advocates are crucial. In addition to strong references, TeleGroup is recognized as a company that understands that the society development must be one of the responsibilities of a strong company.

In addition to all other professional and human capacities, our conceptual weaving greatly contributed to the fact that we were the first to be called to together with Deutsche Telekom, participate in their greatest development so far. We are proud of the fact that we justified expectations and that we opened the door for other companies from Serbia to get involved and contribute to this project.

Which locations have been covered by the optical network so far, and what are the further plans of TeleGroup Germany GmbH?

Germany has previously strategically slowed down the development of optics because their copper infrastructure is far more durable, and this technology requires old-fashioned craftsmen, of which there are very few in Europe. We are proud to have the best teams in the field of copper as well as fiber optic infrastructure, and we are ready to answer the calls whose number is growing. We are focused on the north of Germany because it turned out that we feel the most welcomed there and, that we were greeted very collegiality and with great respect. As a system, we independently covered the areas of Braunschweig, Kiel, all the way to Lübeck.

Germany and Deutsche Telekom have the ambition to be the first in the development of optics and that’s why we are happy that we arrived at the right time! Europe is building its digital identity that will be ready to respond to all the challenges that technology brings and become a leader in new solutions. Our region is part of that development because networking through the Single Digital Market and the Balkan Digital Agenda is implemented through digitalization, which is a priority for governments in the region.

Cooperation with Deutsche Telekom represents a chance for us to train and improve knowledge of our people and the opportunity to work at home in Serbia, but also in Germany with a reliable employer that keeps pace with the ambitions of the market.