Power networks

Positive power.

We have extensive experience in working on a range of aerial and overhead lines, underground lines, distribution systems, substations, and transmission projects for notable power utility companies in the Western Balkans market. We are reliable system integrator and supplier of specialized equipment necessary for the technical solutions implementation.

Apart from the design and construction of power infrastructure, TeleGroup provides it’s clients the unique SCADA systems for real time remote monitoring and control of power networks.

Power networks engineering services

Turnkey services

We specialize in:

  • Transmission lines and substations (voltage level up to 35kV)
  • Monitoring and control systems for power networks (SCADA)
  • Construction of ADSS network
  • Construction of public lighting

We can execute on all stages of the project cycle including:

  • Design and Engineering
  • Civil construction
  • Change management: moves, adds, changes
  • Lifecycle network maintenance
  • Project Management


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