Data Center

Business continuity is headstone for the success.

TeleGroup provides comprehensive Data Center solutions from move-in-ready to custom-built, including systems management hosting services and building secure and energy efficient infrastructure environment. We are architecturally and operationally accredited by leading vendors such as HPE, Cisco, IBM, Huawei, Microsoft, VmWare, Citrix and Veritas and others.

Multivendor strategy allows TeleGroup to identify and implement the precise combination of hardware, software and services that will help you reach your business goals that comes from data center excellence whether you are SME, Enterprise, Public company or Government institution.

What we offer

What it provides

Server & Storage

Best in class hardware with new generation of CPU and SSD drives, that  drives converged interfaces for conectivity


Allows you to understand, control, and optimize IT performance and availability


Provisioning and resource-sharing, with instant on functionality in data center and across data centers

Backup & Archiving

Data integrity and availability, with data indexing for fast searching, and data deduplication for space saving

Disaster Recovery

Complete process design and implementation of tools and procedures to keep your Data Center up and running

Facility management

Management of entire Data Center lifecycle. Design, development and service management with focus on green IT


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